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INSTEON AccessPoint 2-Pack (Dual-Band)

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access point rf signal bridging
access point rf signal bridging

Blanket Your Home!

That’s the purpose of the INSTEON™ AccessPoint 2-Pack. The dual AccessPoints are the foundation modules of the INSTEON mesh network. INSTEON commands travel throughout your home via your house wiring. As a command makes its way to the target module, it is picked up by every INSTEON device along the way and retransmitted. This method of communication, called a mesh network, is very reliable because each additional INSTEON device helps to support the overall network. When an INSTEON powerline commands hits a AccessPoint, it is transmitted via the AccessPoint's internal antenna to the other AccessPoint that has been positioned on the opposing 110V power leg of your home.

More on Why You Might Need a Pair of AccessPoints

One of the AccessPoints is plugged into one leg of your house wiring and then the other AccessPoint is plugged into the other 110 leg effectively coupling both phases of your home’s existing wiring for the transmission of any INSTEON power line commands. If you’re familiar with the older X10 protocol, then the functionality of the SignaLinc Coupler Repeater is probably coming to mind. It handles the same function for X10. Note that if you have a mixed environment (X10 and INSTEON), you will need both types of bridging devices. The INSTEON AccessPoints DO NOT bridge X10 commands.

BUT . . . if you just need a single AccessPoint to strengthen your system or perhaps pair with one of your INSTEON "dual-band" modules, then that option is available at the bottom of this page.

INSTEON RF Function of the AccessPoints

An AccessPoint will receive wireless transmitted INSTEON RF commands from devices such as the INSTEON Thermostat Adapter and the INSTEON RemoteLinc. These commands are then placed on the power line where they can make it to your various INSTEON SwitchLinc V2 Dimmers, INSTEON LampLinc V2 Dimmers, or any other INSTEON devices you have in your network. The RemoteLinc’s RF INSTEON signals need to be received by the internal antenna of the nearest AccessPoint and then bridged (via the other AccessPoint or "dual-band" INSTEON module in your home) with all of your power line INSTEON devices. The Access Point and dual-band INSTEON device are “receivers” that can handle the INSTEON-based RF signals generated by the INSTEON Thermostat Adapter, the RemoteLinc, INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor, INSTEON TriggerLinc, and any other INSTEON based RF only module. The RF signal captured by the AccessPoint is then “beamed” across to the other AccessPoint (or dual-band module) positioned on the other 110V power leg in your home. The INSTEON RF command is also instantly placed on the power line and send to Indigo for any specialized action you may have defined.


  • Frequency: 915 Mhz
  • RF Range: 200 feet, line of sight
  • Operating Conditions: Indoors, 32 to 104 °F, up to 85% relative humidity
  • Supple Voltage: 120 Volts AC +/- 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
  • Power Consumption: 1.46 Watts
  • Surge Protection: Rated for 150 Volts

The RemoteLinc and the AccessPoints are not X10 compatible. That means the RemoteLinc cannot be used to send X10-based RF signals to an X10 RF transceiver like the W800RF32A and similarly the AccessPoints cannot interpret X10 RF signals sent from a Motion Detector or a PalmPad. Of course, you can still control X10 based modules with your INSTEON RemoteLinc by defining a simple Trigger Action within Indigo. That is, tell Indigo that when button x from a RemoteLinc is received, then send out an X10 command to turn on a lamp, light switch, etc.

NOTE:The AccessPoint module is covered by a 2 year warranty.

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Thanks for calling me back and answering all my X-10 questions. I am looking forward to receiving my order and becoming familiar with the Indigo. Sounds like the answer to my home automation needs....

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