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Indigo Basic Kit (Lite Version)
$229.93 $209.95

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Indigo Touch iPhone App
Indigo Touch iPhone App
Indigo Touch iPhone App
Indigo Touch iPhone App

Our most affordable way to establish the basic foundation of your Indigo/INSTEON home automation system.

Take advantage of this Indigo Basic Kit (Lite Version) and you'll save $20 versus purchasing the Indigo Lite software and associated modules a la carte.

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Lift off!

Here’s the package you need to launch yourself into the Indigo/INSTEON home automation world. Indigo was the first Mac based home automation software program for OS X and it was the first home automation program on any platform to provide full featured communications with the INSTEON protocol. Indigo now supports the more advanced INSTEON PowerLinc Modem USB which is an integral part of this Indigo Basic Kit.

And . . . now Indigo is the first home automation program to offer a free native iPhone / iPod touch App called Indigo Touch which means you can control your home no matter where you are. Read all about it on this Perceptive Automation page. You will be amazed at how seamlessly the App works with Indigo.

INSTEON is rapidly establishing itself as the home automation standard for the future. It is a robust network that is much less susceptible than other home automation networks to the kind of electrical interference and noise commonly encountered within the home – and, it’s super fast! If you have experienced the fickleness of X10, then INSTEON is definitely for you. If you’re tired of constantly moving and experimenting with the placement of BoosterLincs and FilterLincs to get that X10 lamp in the far bedroom to respond, then INSTEON is for you. Every INSTEON module is a repeater, and so unlike X10, your home automation network will only become stronger as more INSTEON modules are added.

A Beginning and Easily Expandable

This Indigo Basic Kit (Lite Version) is a scaled down version of the Indigo Starter Package (Pro Version). This Kit, however, is built around Indigo Lite and not the Indigo Pro version. You can study the differences between Indigo 6 Lite and Indigo 6 Pro by referencing this Product Comparison Chart. The Indigo Basic Kit gets you into the Indigo/INSTEON world at the very lowest price possible. This kit contains the foundational items you need to setup your basic INSTEON home automation network. And . . . if and when your needs expand beyond 20 devices or you add a sprinkler controller or an INSTEON compatible thermostat, or one of the modules from the EZIOxxx family, you can choose at that time to upgrade to Indigo Pro. The software upgrade will be seamless. Your Indigo Pro upgrade code will simply unlock the functions (as indicated on the Product Comparison Chart ) within your current Indigo and voila, you're then an Indigo Pro user. You do not have to re-install the Indigo software.

Contents of Kit

Here's what you'll find in this very affordable Indigo Basic Kit (Lite Version)

”Bridging” for Your INSTEON Network

In order for the INSTEON commands you issue out of Indigo to reach throughout your home, you must “bridge” the two independent 120V power legs that feed all your various circuits that originate from the two sides of your electrical panel box. In the INSTEON world this is done by having one INSTEON device with “access point” functionality on one of the 120V legs and another access point device on the opposing 120V leg. INSTEON devices that have the access point function have a built in INSTEON RF transceiver. An access point device is able to capture an INSTEON command on the power line and RF transmit it to any other access point type devices within range. That access point will then re-transmit the command via RF and also send it down the 120V leg that it is plugged into. Access point devices are merely plugged into appropriate normal wall outlets in your home with simple instructions provided on how to determine that they are plugged into outlets on opposing 120V legs.

Currently there are about a dozen INSTEON devices that have the access point functionality and thus can be used for power leg bridging. Here are some of the more popular modules that have the "dual-band" capability: Thus, in this Kit, the PowerLinc Modem USB (Dual-Band) covers the 120V leg that your Mac happens to be on. By plugging the LampLinc Dimmer (Dual-Band) into an outlet on the opposing 120V leg, you will have the “bridging” requirement covered. However, if you want more flexibility in supporting the RF/Bridging aspect of your INSTEON network, then you should consider the option below of adding an AccessPoint to your kit. Then, of course, there is no restriction on which of your two 120V power legs you install your LampLinc Dimmer (Dual-Band).


You’re probably considering this Indigo Basic Kit because you’re a “newbie” to home automation. But, just in case you have X10 modules already installed and you’re looking for an opportunity to make an orderly transition to the protocol of the future - INSTEON - , you’re in luck. The tandem of Indigo and the PowerLinc Modem USB (Dual-Band) can manage a network of mixed X10 and INSTEON modules. You can then pick the rate that you migrate over to a complete INSTEON network as you retire your X10 modules.

Of course, if you want to dive in even deeper from Day 1, then we welcome you to consider one of our other Indigo/INSTEON package. They all offer savings versus buying the parts a la carte.

Be aware that Indigo is downloadable software. As soon as your credit card clears, then you will be emailed the download link along with your unique Indigo unlock key. Refunds can not be issued for Indigo once the email is sent. If you have any doubts on the applicability of Indigo to your home automation needs, you can always go to this link and obtain a free 30 day trial of the Indigo software for your evaluation purposes before you make your purchase decision.

Available Options:
Extra RF/Bridging Boost:
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I have to tell you that I'm much happier than I anticipated I would be with Indigo and all of the INSTEON products. Right now, I have my entire home running off of a Mac mini that I think I've restarted about 3 times since i...

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